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The Re-2Ox process takes metal-rich mining concentrates, or recycled battery materials and converts them into premium battery materials.
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Our Flow Sheet

Electric Vehicle Metals

Copper, Cobalt, Nickel

Byproduct Recovery

Arsenic, Bismuth, Antimony

Rare Earths

Cesium, Scandium, Rubidium
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Questions and Answers

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When our team first looked at all of these processes, they were all smelter-based. The majority of the battery metals produced by those smelters were secondary. We now have our own primary metals, which we will purify using a mineral separation process.

Frank Basa
Founder & CEO


What goes in

The Re-2Ox Process accepts a diversity of feed types
Recycled Batteries
Processed Materials
Mineral Concentrates
High-grade Tailings

Our first reactor removes materials such as arsenic that are economically undesirable. The materials are then transported to their second reactor. Here, all the metals are dissolved into solutions from which we can extract the metals that the client requires for their specific battery chemistry.

Frank Basa
Founder & CEO
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The Final Product

Pictured above is a standard electric vehicle battery pack. An unprecedented expansion in metals production will be required to meet demand regardless of which battery chemistry becomes dominant.
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